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Privacy first document management

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Collect all documents in one place

No more worries about documents being spread over multiple apps. Collect is capable of handling most types of information and if not, it can be extended. Powerful build in rich text editing will be the perfect place for keeping your ideas and memories.

Privacy first! Local, encrypted, transparent format.

Your data is stored locally, no web service or subscription required! If you want to use your data on other devices as well, just use battle proven existing file synching solutions like Dropbox, iCloud, Resilio Sync or just your own server or NAS. With technologies originating from block chain solutions, your data will be stored in a secure open format and is strogly encrypted, if you like. This way you can feel more confident even if you store your data on services you don't fully trust. The format is public, so you're not locked into the technology.

Semantic Search

Once you have collected a lot of information it is important to find exactly what you are looking for. Collect helps by understanding the semantic connections between you data pieces. Feel confident in knowing your data is stored well protected and retrievable.

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